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We change the world of information

Our software brings you relevant information in the proper time. We reduce information asymmetry in areas of financial asset management, news, e-commerce reviews, and customer-supplier chains, using state of the art Artificial Intelligence to analyse data, text and sentiment.


  Financial research softwareMulticriterial Text Analysis


  • Data analysis

    Data analysis

    Understanding data represents the key competency for gaining a competitive advantage.


  • Text analysis

    Text analysis

    We are developing learning tools in the field of natural language processing.


  • Data aggregation

    Data aggregation

    We are developing own universal crawlers used for getting the necessary content.


  • Final products

    Final products

    We provide outputs of our research as SaaS licenses and personalised B2B solutions.


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  • PatternLab Introduction

    event_note 07.08.2020 person admin

    Application offers testing of 66 price patterns on 3000 stock titles. It is designed for active traders using technical analysis and patterns recognition as entry/exit rules for their trades.

  • opinio offers new product categories

    event_note 05.07.2020 person admin

    We have recently prepared the Smart Watch and Television categories for the opinio application.

  • Analysis of financial articles

    event_note 03.07.2020 person admin

    Just enter the ticker name. We will return a list of current articles, including a brief summary of the key information provided in the article.

Strategic partners make a better connection

No matter whether you are interested in joint development and go-to-market of a new service or if you want to invest in our company or one of our solutions – we are always open to discuss your ideas about how we can proceed together towards better ends.