Activities in the field of text analysis are being extended by a team dealing with data analysis, more specifically, innovative FINTECH application in the field of portfolio management. The application belongs to the Financial Research Software family and provides its users with advanced mathematical-statistical functions to analyse financial assets and portfolios, to scrutinise the market and further evaluate it according to set criteria (yield, risk, investment horizon), functions for modelling and testing development scenarios and risk simulations.

Successfully trained AI in the area of ​​goods and services

Reaching desired outcomes of the EQS software. Based on the full-text analysis of text (includes declension, deletion of stop words, knowledge of the behaviour of individual user groups or prediction based on previously entered queries), Electronic Quotient System can analyse entered queries in the field of services and assigns to them the best results from database suppliers. The AI was successfully trained in the field of goods and services in which we have a unique multilingual database of queries, keywords and user behaviour.

Transformation of the CYRRUS ADVISORY

There is a significant increase in investment in R&D and the transformation of the CYRRUS ADVISORY company. The majority of our activities transferred from the field of the service provision to the research and development of innovative solutions.ní.

Co-operation with the Mendel University in Brno

At the beginning of 2015, we started to co-operate with the Mendel University in Brno to develop a prototype of the EQS system with the implementation on the Moji lidi platform. The current version includes more than 1,500 occupations differentiated according to unique keywords for search, essentially linking the same amount of sub-markets.

Grants Manager

To make orientation in grants more simple, we developed a system called Grants Manager which, thanks to our first special programme for monitoring media, represents the most comprehensive database of grant opportunities including a part of international programmes and also the endowment and other opportunities. The creation of advanced searchable databases is linked to the very beginnings of research tasks concerning the correct matching of information and users.

Independent Women – Startup CYRRUS ADVISORY

We launched a project called Independent Women – Startup CYRRUS ADVISORY focusing on active women who transformed their business dreams into reality. The project offered a complex motivational-educational programme for 40 participants and its purpose was to help those women to become self-dependent in the labour market and to establish their own business. Take a look at